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Bringing  outpatient care to you...

“In my 20 years as an outpatient physical therapist assistant I have known the frustration of people who could benefit from physical therapy but can’t get to an outpatient physical therapy clinic. In response to that need my practice is entirely devoted to providing the most personalized effective therapy onsite in the home, at the workplace, gym, or school -- wherever needed.”


Physical therapist Rose Ann Weinstein received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her Masters degree in physical therapy from USC, the top rated P.T. program in the country. Upon graduation she worked for 15 years specializing in outpatient orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.

In 2011 Ms. Weinstein opened her own private practice outpatient clinic, Able Place Physical Therapy, in the Culver City/Palms area. Now Ms. Weinstein has tailored her practice to serve those who need to have their outpatient therapy outside the clinic. As an on-demand mobile service, PT2GO provides outpatient physical therapy on-site at the patient’s location.

PT2GO treatment philosophy

“Patients deserve the most expert, hands-on, individualized physical therapy treatment possible regardless of where that treatment takes place. My approach to physical therapy is to assess and address all the factors that may be contributing to your pain, immobility, and/or reduced function.

Before beginning exercises you want to be sure that there is no inflammation or swelling that would cause pain or discomfort, making your condition worse. Techniques to eliminate pain include taping (kinesio and rigid), manual therapy, compression techniques, TENS & electrical stimulation, heat &/or ice.

Hands-on techniques are used to correct abnormal joint mechanics,joint &/or tissue restrictions,muscle imbalances, hyper- or hypo-mobility,poor bodymechanics; anything that may be a hindrance to good function. Exercises shouldn’t be standard issue. Every exercise I give has a specific reason for doing it and has been designed to be fun as well as therapeutic.”

Physical Therapy 2 GO (PT2GO) – FAQ

1. How is PT2GO different from the “home health” physical therapy I had at home after I got out of the hospital?

PT2GO provides therapy comparable to an outpatient clinic while saving you the inconvenience of getting there.

“Home health” physical therapy after hospitalization is only intended as a limited short-term measure to ease your transition to returning home and is only available to those who are housebound. PT2GO is available at the client’s desired location.

2. Can I get physical therapy at locations other than where I live? Like my office or gym?

Yes. PT2GO will come to wherever therapy is most convenient for you.

3. Is treatment at my residence or office comparable to treatment at an outpatient physical therapy clinic?

Yes. You will be seen by a licensed physical therapist with 20 years of clinical experience. She will perform an extensive evaluation and indentify all the factors that are contributing to your problem. These factors will be addressed using hands-on mobilization, customized supervised as well as independent exercise, and instruction in movement strategies and postural awareness and control. The PT2GO philosophy is to teach you to become your own therapist.

4. What areas of Los Angeles does PT2GO serve?

Culver City – Mar Vista – Palms – Venice – Santa Monica – Marina del Rey – Playa Vista – Playa del Rey – Westchester – Baldwin Hills – Beverly Hills – Beverlywood – Pico Robertson – Rancho Park – Westwood – Brentwood - Castle Heights – Century City – West L.A. – West Hollywood – Hollywood – Wilshire/Fairfax.

5. What age groups does PT2GO serve?

PT2GO works with adults and children of all ages. The important thing is, regardless of age, your PT2GO therapist uses creative approaches to make therapy sessions fun and effective.

6. Are there any advantages to having physical therapy on-site
rather than going to a clinic?

Aside from saving you the time and energy it takes to get to a clinic, therapy on-site helps you deal with the specific challenges of your everyday environment. At the clinic your therapist can only approximate your real world circumstances. On-site, you are in the actual situation you have to deal with.

Exercises and activities can be tailored to what is available to you where you’ll actually be doing them; so you know exactly how and what to do without having to figure out how to duplicate what you did at the clinic. Very few of us own our own leg press machine. However, if you belong to or intend to join a gym and want to work on strengthening or cardio, your therapist can meet you there to advise you on what is the best program for you (taking into account the condition that you are being treated for in therapy).

Another advantage is that your location is probably quieter with fewer distractions to both you and your therapist so you get the benefit of your therapist’s full attention in private one-on-one sessions.

7. What if my condition requires the use of special exercise equipment or machines?

You will be advised to find a facility that provides this. Some orthopedic injuries are best treated in a clinic environment.

8. I can’t seem to find outpatient clinics that specialize in the treatment of neurological conditions. Does PT2GO treat stroke, MS, Parkinsons, etc?

Neurologic problems are a specialty of PT2GO. Rather than expending energy just getting to a clinic, you can be fresh and rested for your therapy sessions. At home your therapist can work with you on the specific difficulties you are encountering in your personal surroundings. She can observe the difficulties you have performing everyday functions and tailor a plan that will help you overcome those deficiencies.

9. As I’m getting older I’m losing mobility, having trouble getting up from a chair or toilet, losing my balance and falling, having difficulty climbing stairs and getting in and out of the car, having to use an assistive device to walk. Can physical therapy help with these problems?

Absolutely. There is usually a combination of factors contributing to this kind of decline in function and safety. Your PT2GO therapist will identify these factors, targeting deficiencies such as: muscle weakness/ asymmetry, joint restrictions, shortened tissue, spinal curvature and postural deficits, faulty movement strategies and mechanics, and cognitive issues.

10. I’m in too much pain to get to a physical therapy clinic. Can I receive effective pain treatment at home?

Whether you are experiencing an acute episode of joint or back pain, have suffered an injury, or are recovering from surgery PT2GO can help. After assessing the location(s) and intensity and cause(s) of your pain your therapist will apply techniques specific to your condition.

These may include all or some of the following: application of heat or ice (or both) as appropriate; compression techniques to reduce swelling such as manual compression, compression sleeves, therapeutic kinesio-taping; support of injured tissue with tape and/or bracing; hands-on manual therapy to soothe pain, increase circulation, and realign skeletal and joint misalignments.

11. My legs are swollen. They feel so heavy and hurt so much I have trouble getting my shoes on and can barely walk. Can PT2GO help?

Swelling of the legs (edema) is a serious condition that can cause significant pain and disability. The sooner it is treated the better. The trapped fluid damages tissue until your leg becomes sensitive to even the lightest pressure. The greater the swelling, the harder it is to reverse; so swift action is advised. Treating the condition can make the difference in being able to walk or not. Fluid trapped in the legs (or arms) adds weight to your limbs making them too heavy to move.

The good news is reducing the fluid will result in reduction of pain and restoration of movement. In conjunction with any treatment given to you by your doctor, your PT2GO therapist will apply compression techniques to eliminate fluid and instruct you on maintenance techniques to prevent recurring swelling.

12. Are the services of PT2GO covered by insurance? What if I don’t have insurance?

Physical therapy is covered by insurance if prescribed by a medical doctor. PT2GO also accepts out-of-pocket payment by cash, check, or credit card. Medicare is welcome.

13. Do I need a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy?

Yes. Insurance will not pay for physical therapy unless prescribed by a medical doctor. Insurance plans require a prescription for physical therapy from a medical doctor stating the condition(s) that need treatment. If you are paying out-of-pocket you do not need a prescription.

14. How long is a therapy session?

Usually about an hour. Sessions can be shorter or longer depending on what best serves your needs.

15. How many therapy sessions will I need?

That depends on how debilitating your condition is, what your general health is like, what your goals are, and how much energy you put into your recovery.

16. How often will I have therapy?

Two to three times a week is typical. Insurance plans vary in how many total treatments are allowed. Therefore the frequency of treatment will depend upon what is best for your condition and maximizes your coverage.

Also, you might have more frequent sessions when you are first getting started; then taper off as you are able to follow a program on your own. Once your insurance benefit runs out you have the option of paying out-of-pocket with cash or credit card to continue your therapy. PT2GO will do everything possible to maximize your benefit.

17. Will I be able to improve even after I’m done with physical therapy?

The philosophy of PT2GO is to teach you to be your own therapist. If you continue to follow the practices you have learned after you complete therapy you should continue to progress and prevent future injury and/or loss of function.

18. How do I get started?

Obtain a physical therapy prescription from a medical doctor. Then call PT2GO at (310) 946-7719 to schedule an appointment.


“I’ve had the great pleasure of having Rose Ann as my physical therapist.  I was facing immense challenges as a result of an unexpected medical event, when I was fortunate enough to cross paths with her.  At the risking of sounding too melodramatic, I owe my present mobility to Rose Ann. 

I had spent the previous year before in both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy and am well aware of the disparate styles of treatment used by therapists.  I generally had experienced hands off dispassionate treatment that seemed disconnected from my actual state of being.  Rose Ann in contrast has always shown me a sense of urgency and interest.

– Dennis R.

“Rose Ann Weinstein is one of the most knowledgeable and effective physical therapists I have been to. I am now 74 years old and, over the years, she has worked with me after back and knee surgeries as well as injuries I sustained in my neck.   Rose Ann is working  with me now to get me back in shape after a second knee replacement.  If you want an excellent therapist call her.”

– Janet H.

A million thanks for all the wonderful help you have given me with your guidance in physical therapy. I have made such tremendous improvement. More than I ever dreamed possible. Before starting therapy I had fallen and had many other episodes of losing my balance and almost falling.  When I walked with my walker I was bent over and couldn’t straighten up no matter how hard I tried.

Now my balance is so much better, I can walk better, and to my delight, I can stand straighter.  I have been told I look 10 yrs younger, now that I stand straighter. My most sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for your innovative ways of working with me, your patience, kindness, and brilliance that brought about the wonderful changes in me. 

– Marjorie R.

Thanks so much for your knowledge, expertise and patience.  Although my progress has been slow, it has been steady.  I still have accomplishments to achieve, but I know that I am on my way to greater mobility, safety, and independence. 

With appreciation 

– Hans

Thanks for the special attention.  Your skills as a therapist are unbelievable!  Particularly, that you adapt the therapy to my specials needs. I haven’t walked with special attention to keeping my back straight and upright in many years. I am also more diligent in exercising regularly.  Even my heart rate has slowed from 95/min to 75.  Special thanks from my wife,

Aaron K.

I feel very relaxed while being educated on various ways to improve my walking, strength, and movements.  As a client, I enjoy each visit and highly recommend Rose Ann.

– Therese G.

How very fortunate I have been to have you as my therapist!  I was in such bad shape when I came to you, yet there have been amazing improvement in my range of motion and my balance and reduction of pain. You are so very special! So creative, so knowlegable and so kind and caring. 

I will continue to use the things you taught me, and I will have (am already having) a better quality of life. I thank you profusely for all that you’ve done. 

– Marjorie R.

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